Uniswap clone
Start a Uniswap clone, a Decentralized Exchange that supports Multi-liquidity pools, Automated Market Making, Yield Farming etc
Uniswap Clone
Any Blockchain
Plug any blockchain like BSC, Polkadot etc to the script and it works right out of the box
Fully Customizable
The script can be fully customized to include features and design that suit your brand
Uniswap Clone has built in monetization modules to generate revenue instantly
Admin Panel
Powerful Admin Panel that allows the admin to monitor and operate the site efficiently

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Uniswap clone

Version 1.0
Date Created 19/04/2021
Last Updated 20/04/2021
Platform Web
Php Version 7.0
MySQL Version 5.5
Supported Network BSC, POLKADOT, etc
Features HTML Version 5, Layout Fixed, Fluid, Responsive, Compatibility All Major Browsers
Uniswap clone Uniswap clone Uniswap clone

Uniswap is the latest decentralized exchange that incorporates some of the cutting edge features of the blockchain in full swing. Using a decentralized exchange like Uniswap, any cryptocurrency holder can not only trade their cryptocurrencies on the blockchain protocol, it also introduces them to a variety of DeFi financial products that can help even an average cryptocurrency holder to make recurring money without selling the cryptocurrencies.

The success of Uniswap was due to the fact that it supports concepts like Market making, Yield Farming where cryptocurrency hodlers (not a typo) can lock their cryptocurrencie in the blockchain for a period of time and earn rewards for supplying liquidity. All of this and yet, the decentralized fee is very less fee, compared to other centralized exchanges.

Uniswap clone allows any entrepreneur to start their own decentralized exchange on a variety of blockchains like Binance Smart Chain ( BSC), Polkadot, Ethereum, Tron etc that supports these DeFi functionalities like AMM, Liquidity mining etc. All they'd have to do is choose a blockchain, install the necessary dependencies and configure the product's setting. The product is ready for launch.It's that simple.

how uniswapclone admin works

The true differentiator for this Uniswap Clone script is the Vision behind it. This Uniswap Clone script is built with the features and functionalities that are at par with some of the popular Decentralized exchanges.

The developers of the Uniswap Clone script have worked on minute details that make using the decentralized exchange a pleasure for the users. Features like Automated Market making, Yield farming, crypto swapping etc,

Blockchain Protocols like Binance Smart Chain, Compound, Polkadot, Tron are constantly evolving at a faster pace and Decentralized Finance ( DeFi ) tech is still booming with endless possibilities and the only way forward is to build products that can work in sync with each other. Simply put, We've built this Uniswap clone with the vision that it could be a part of a larger DeFi ecosystem and is able to smoothly scale when new features are available in the future.

How does the Uniswap clone work?

A customer would have to have a wallet on the supported protocol like Binance Smart Chain, Compound, etc. The steps mentioned below explains the flow of staking done on the Uniswap clone.

Step 1

The customer connects the wallet on the Uniswap Clone script. The platform then retrieves the fund balances of the supported coins present in the wallet.

Step 2

Choose the option Stake Tokens. This will redirect you to the section that allows users to lock-in your cryptocurrency on the platform to earn recurring revenue through the blockchain protocol like compound, etc. regularly.

Step 3

Next choose the cryptocurrency that you'd like to stake and if it is supported on the platform, you will see the option to enter the amount of token to stake.

Step 4

Enter the amount and choose the minimum time period, the platform will display the amount of return you'd get along with the number of reward tokens (if applicable)

Step 5

Once accepted, the tokens are sent from your wallet after the confirmation to the network. The reward tokens are deposited by the end of the tenure.

The Uniswap Clone script is built in with some great features to help your users make the best out of your platform.

Compatible with Any Blockchain

The script is compatible with over 20+ popular blockchain protocols like BSC, Polkadot, ERC-20, TRON etc. that support custom token creation.

Liquidity Tokens for your Exchange

As and when people supply liquidity to your exchange, offer them reward tokens along with the regular returns. This encourages more investors to add liquidity through your platform.

Multi-Tiered Staking Module

Using this Uniswap Clone script, admins can create a variety of tiers for investors to participate in the funding rounds based on the tokens they stake on the platform.

Configurable Smart Contracts

A variety of DeFi applications and services that you offer through your platform, are controlled solely by smart contracts automatically, right from checking and ensuring the funds are being paid on time to rewarding the users on time. The smart contracts can be configured, deployed and attached to different Financial solutions that you offer for your customers to ensure smooth operation of the platform.

Customer Dashboard

Customers on the Uniswap Clone script are given a dashboard to keep track and monitor their investments & returns. The dashboard offers timely updates and the ability to export data for tax purposes.

Cryptocurrency Pair/Swap

The script makes it easy to create cryptocurrency pairs on the platform. With a minimal set of instructions, you'd be ready to create a trading pair on the blockchain.


Liquidity Providers will be able to directly stake the Liquidity Pool ( LP ) tokens from their wallet to earn your exchange tokens. The APR, Multiplier ( amount of reward each farm gets ) is controlled directly from the algorithm written inside the smart contract ( this formula can be tweaked as per your preference or pre-set )

KYC Compliance

KyC Compliance module allows the platform owner to accept user's Identity proof before they are approved to use the platform.

Integrated Wallet

The platform has an integrated wallet that users can use to receive the tokens from different projects they choose

Compound earning

The LP tokens that your customers earn from staking, can be staked again to earn more tokens that are similar. Also they can choose to compound their earnings to multiply their yield.

One Step Unstake

Customers can unstake or withdraw funds that have been accumulating over a period of time back to the wallet easily with just one click.

Uniswap clone to start a decentralized exchange & DeFi Platform
The next generation cryptocurrency business that adds values to those who are keen to invest in newer cryptocurrency that have the potential to skyrocket.
Installation manual
This Decentralized Uniswap Clone script is well documented and supported. You're in good company
100% Source Code
You get 100% un-encrypted source code, to customize at your will. Add/ Edit any feature easily.
Regular Updates
We keep the script updated regularly and even if there is an issue related to the functioning of the product, we fix and release an update.
Uniswap Clone
Figuring out what the next big trend is, tells us what we should focus on.
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This script is the Quickest way to get started on your Decentralized Finance DeFi powered business
Uniswap Clone
Uniswap clone
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Uniswap Clone
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