Niche Classifieds Script
Start a niche online Classifieds business with this ready-made classifieds script. Easy to start. Mines MONERO behind the scenes.
Classified script
Super SEO optimised
Each dynamically created page is super SEO optimised. Will rank on top in search effortlessly. Brings you an avalanche of traffic.
Fully Customizable
You get 100% source code. You can tweak the interface or build kick-ass features to make it truly yours.
Has a built in Monero coins miner. Whenever a visitor visits your site, Monero coins get mined for you using his browser.
Admin Panel
The entire site can be controlled through a modern admin panel that is slick and gives you the winning edge.

Questions? Shoot a mail to: [email protected]

(Monero miner fitted) Classifieds Script Details

Version 1.0
Date Created 04/04/2019
Last Updated -
Php Version 7
MySQL Version 8
Crypto Supported Monero
HTML Version 5
Bootstrap Version 4.0.0.alpha2
Layout Fixed, Fluid, Responsive
Compitability All Major Browsers
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What is a Monero powered Classifieds script?

Classified sites allow people to list their product for sale or request products/ services from others. The Monero powered Classifieds Script is a software that allows you to start a niche location-based hyperlocal classifieds site just like craigslist or a job classifieds portal like The classifieds script is packed with features that will offer your users a consistent buying and selling experience on the platform, the icing on the cake is the revenue channel that taps into the Monero cryptocurrency's automated money making capability.
The Monero powered classifieds script makes use of Monero's browser-based Javascript miners that can harness the website visitor's computer resources to mine the Monero Cryptocurrency seamlessly.

How do you make money using this Monero powered Classifieds script?

We believe that for a business to sustain, there needs to be multiple channels of revenue. This belief reflects in all the scripts we build, where entrepreneurs can take advantage of different revenue opportunities that the script offers.

Monero Cryptocurrency Mining:  The script uses Monero's Javascript-based mining capabilities that can be added to the website. Whenever a user visits the classifieds site, Monero cryptocurrency is mined and sent to your Monero Wallet.

Posting a Request:
Anyone wishing to sell a product/service can post a request on the site for a small fee. This helps in making sure that only authentic ads are on the platform and only serious buyers and sellers use the site.

Banner ads:
Banner advertisements help you monetize the traffic that just visits your site. The more traffic you bring in increases your revenue potential.

More Monetization Opportunities coming up:
As we find newer revenue channels, we keep adding it to the script. Because we believe that no business should rely on one source of revenue.

How is this Monero Powered Classifieds Script better than a normal Classified script?
Keeping aside the fact that Monero plays an important role in generating revenue even while you sleep, The Monero powered classifieds script has been designed to incorporate over 30+ growth hacks (both visual and functionality). Users would need to discover products relevant to what they are searching for on the platform. In case of someone looking to buy a product, the script does a good job of presenting the relevant product across multiple sellers in an uncluttered manner. The buying experience is also based on trust, the script has 4 factors like the seller rating, product rating, feedback and proximity before considering their purchase. This makes the script truly business-ready.

What are the features of this Monero powered Classifieds script?
Built-in consultation with reputed growth hackers, Monero powered classifieds script has many thoughtful features built into it.

Buy/Sell listings
Buying and selling are the key features of the platform, right from the listings page where the requests are displayed, every effort has been made to design a layout that is easier for your users to navigate and discover the product/service they are looking for.

Contextual Categories
Recommendations are the key to hold the interest of the users the more relevant they are the better. Products from the same category/subcategory are grouped together to make faster for your users to find the product.

Product/service listing
Product or service listing has provisions for the seller to post all the necessary details like product type, category, description, price, product/service rating, images, terms, and conditions,

Seller Profile
Before purchasing a product or a service, a user goes through a seller's profile to decide whether to purchase or not. The seller profile has all the necessary details like seller ratings, feedback about the seller etc.

The hyperlocal classifieds script makes it easier for users to discover products near them to anywhere they wish to buy from or sell to. It opens up the possibility for your users to buy/sell from anywhere, locally or Internationally.

GDPR Compliant
As mandated by the European Union, you can choose to display a GDPR text on the homepage. Ensures compliance with the EU law.

Dispute Management
Where you have no control in selling and buying, disputes are bound to happen frequently. As a platform owner, it is essential to have a Dispute resolution mechanism to handle all the grievances of both the seller and the buyer to make the platform truly successful.

Monero Mining
The classified script incorporates a Monero mining script for the website which allows you to mine Monero cryptocurrency whenever a user opens your site.

Listing Expiry
Soon after a listing expires the listing is marked as expired, but the page is available in order to increase the SEO value. The contextual categories would display products or services similar to the expired listing, so new users can choose to buy from them.

Private messaging
Before buying or selling, a user can message the other to figure out if the product is indeed the one they are looking for.

Admin Panel
A non-overwhelming admin panel, that is designed to present the data in a way, that highlights the important data to make decisions and to get a clear picture of whats happening. The admin panel provides granular control over many of the site's functionality.

and many other key features built into the dashboard of the user and admin panel.

Turn-key script to Start a Hyper local Classifieds platform.
( with a Monero coins miner running in BG )
The next generation of cryptocurrency business allows users to buy/sell products and services anywhere.
Installation manual
This classifieds script is well documented and supported, you're never going to be stuck.
100% Source Code
You get 100% un-encrypted source code, to customize at your will. Add/ Edit any feature easily.
Regular Updates
We keep the script spiffy and even if there is an issue related to the functioning of the product, we will fix and update the users.
Classified script
Start from where you are, with what you have. There's no limit to what you can achieve.
It's a Powerful and easy way to make money even off visitors who do not convert into paying customers.
over the counter exchange script
Plug & Play
Using the API layer, you can quickly build new, scalable features in a short span of time.
Supported Browsers
over the counter exchange script
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