Enable your users to Buy your tokens - Sell your tokens using this powerful All-in-One ICO Script. The backend is connected with a LIVE exchange for Liquidity.
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Live Exchange
The platform is connected to a LIVE exchange in the BG. For each token BUY-SELL that happens on the frontend, an automated BUY-SELL happens in the exchange. Helps maintain automatic liquidity.
Fully Customizable
You get 100% source code. This powerful ico software is built on a easy to customize architecture.
Auto Market Cap
Executes automated on-chain transactions via. a live DEX exchange. This helps increase your tokens Market Capitalisation & move up the charts on Crypto Comparison portals.
Admin Panel
A secure and powerful Admin Panel for you to manage the entire ico portal. From Settings, User Management to Coin deposit, verification etc. has every module required to enable your ICO seamlessly.
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ICO Script Details

Version 2.1
Date Created 20/02/2021
Last Updated 15/04/2021
Node JS Version Updated to Latest
React JS Version Updated to Latest
Solidity Version Updated to Latest
Mongo DB Version Latest
Layout Fixed, Fluid, Responsive
Compitability All Major Browsers
ico dashboard template ico dashboard template ico dashboard template ico dashboard template

Built-in Exchange for your tokens

While a majority of ICO Softwares in the market only gives your users options to BUY your tokens, this platform offers the SELL function as well. Integrated in the script is a middle-tier layer that makes your ICO dashboard act as a live crypto exchange for your tokens. Following are the advantages of this integration:

- The middle-tier helps in managing liquidity automatically for your tokens ie. It fills your dashboard automatically with your custom tokens, so users can BUY. Also tops up your dashboard automatically with other crypto like ETH, BNB etc. for users to SELL your token.
- Also present are options to turn ON-OFF the above exchange option. In case you decide you want to only have the BUY option, you can just turn off the live exchange instantly using the secure Admin Panel.

ATM ready

The entire ICO script is made to be integrated in any ATM machine. The front-end design automatically fits the ATM machine screen size. The platform comes ready with a secure API layer to connect any ATM's money teller module.

You can order any ATM machine in the market > Load this platform on the screen > choose the payment methods to enable ( ex: Crypto, Credit Card, Cash etc. ). Users would be able to Buy-Sell your tokens on the ATM machine. And since there is a live exchange connected in the BG, your ATM machines liquidity will be auto-filled both ways.

Increases your Token's Market Cap

We understand how important it is to increase the market capitalisation of your token. This fascinating ICO dashboard script helps to achieve that. Thanks to the smart contract on the platform. Any BUY-SELL that your users do to your token, executes a BUY-SELL on the connected DEX exchange in the BG. These transactions get captured in real-time on-chain thus boosting your tokens daily transaction volume. This helps to get your token listed on portals like CoinMarketCap, CoinGekho, CryptoCompare etc. automatically.

Live market price updates for your Token

This All-in-One ICO script also has provision to update your token price in real-time from the market. The built-in API's can used to instantly hook your token's price to real-time market values. If you desire to manually set the price of your token, you can just flip a switch in the admin panel and set a price as well.

Let investors start Trading your coins Today!
Admin Panel
Comes with a Secure and Powerful Admin Panel to manage all your User Registrations and KYC verification. Also has the ability to Reject / Approve Users along with instant notifications.View screenshots
Installation manual
This ico script is well documented and supported, you're never going to be stuck.
100% Source Code
You get 100% un-encrypted source code, to customize at your will. Add/ Edit any feature easily.
Announcement Module
An exclusive module for you to announce and broadcast anything to your users. Will reach them directly via. their Dashboard. This amazing ico script also sends email notifications accordingly..
ico dashboard template
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ico script
Plug & Play
Using the API layer, this Super Secure ICO script can be easily accommodate any coin or token.
Supported Browsers
ico dashboard script
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Frequently Asked Questions about this Template
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How secure is this turn-key ico script?
Which coin do you recommend for ICO. Why?
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Industry News
  • U.S based cryptocurrency exchange Cross towers start operations in India

      Date Published: 11-September-2021

      Date Modified: 11-September-2021

      India has a steady growth in active crypto users every year. It is currently the second largest in terms of active user base in the world. Crypto-based services look to venture into the Indian market as soon as they can. CrossTower is a cryptocurrency exchange and investment firm. Based on the U. S have started their option in the Indian cryptocurrency market.

      Started in 2019 by Kapil Rathi and Kristin Boggiano. Crosstowers first launched a multi-asset trading platform, later an exchange platform for cryptocurrency Popular exchanges like Binance and coin base have already entered the Indian Market and have a steady flow of customers.

      The entry of various exchange platforms can help in listing various crypto tokens. Which are created often by Initial coin offerings. Conducting an ICO has become accessible as startups provide ICO software to facilitate an ICO Despite being late cross towers, intends to capture the Indian cryptocurrency market by providing competitive prices and advanced user-friendly technology.

      The platform plans to offer for the first thousand customers to earn extra 500 bitcoins as part of their launch campaign. And provides trading for up to 40 cryptocurrencies or tokens.

      Crosstowers has entered the Indian crypto space when the government is yet to take a stand on cryptocurrencies. While many countries including the U.S are effectively trying to adopt cryptocurrency as an asset class. The Indian cryptocurrency market has increased three-fold in the last two years. people in the range of 18 -25 consider cryptocurrency as an alternate investment.

      The number of blockchain start-ups also increased to more than 300. some of them are MUDREX a crypto asset management company and Solrazar a company creating an ecosystem for developers in Solana blockchain. The number of ICOs has also increased investors and entrepreneurs now see ICO as a popular and easy way of raising capital for exciting projects. This can be easily done by getting ICO software.

      The next important step for any ICO privately held or done with help of ICO software is listing the tokens created, which becomes accessible and affordable with more exchanges in the crypto market.

      Statistics show that the Indian cryptocurrency market has grown from 923 million dollars to 6.6 billion dollars which continues to rise every month.

      Investors are looking forward to investing in established cryptocurrencies and new tokens alike. Which are created as a fundraising campaign in an ICO privately held or done with help of an ICO software

      The current players in the Indian cryptocurrency markets are Coindcx, coin switch kuber, and WazirX. Crosstowers is currently ranked fourth out of 152 exchanges worldwide. This metric is based on market quality, regulations, customer protection, and other factors.

      Slowly cryptocurrency is getting recognition from governments across the world. El Salvador recently accepted Bitcoin as legal tender which is the first country in the world to do so. India is also on the road to accepting crypto as an asset class which attracts firms like cross towers to expand their operations to the thriving cryptocurrency market in India The firm has said its focus will be the protection of customer security and innovative finance.

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