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See. I dont want to waste your time.
Am going to be straight,

  1. 1Yes: We have discovered a hack to SELL your ICO tokens to the masses. We will be revealing this formula here.
  2. 2When implemented: It makes Entrepreneurs around the world SELL your ICO tokens. By spending their time and money.
  3. 3No: This is not a MLM technique -or- the normal ICO Marketing pitch ( Social media, PR coverage, Content marketing ,
    Air Drop etc. )
    . As we don’t believe in them.

Going to be revealed is a formula ... that we have sculptured through 9+ years. It has been tested through various trends. It had matured through all these experiments.... and is now PERFECT ( worked like magic in the recent experiment and gave an un-fair advantage to an ICO sales )

Did you know?

Every month. At least 20,000+ people around the world, search on online for keywords like

  • Blockchain Use cases
  • Blockchain projects
  • Blockchain development company
  • Blockchain Developers
  • How to make money on Blockchain etc.
  • Blockchain business opportunities etc.

The search volume is increasing month on month.


The people who search are Entrepreneurs, Developers etc. who want to start a Blockchain Business.

Lets device a plan to make these Entrepreneurs SELL your COINS. But How?

ICO Marketing Strategy

Screenshot from Google Keyword Tool. Showing some of the many related keywords.

The Plan is simple,

  1. Step 1 : Make a quick & useful product in your ICO domain. ( Ex: Money Transfer App, Online Game, Media sharing app etc. ) Learn more.
  2. Step 2 : Make your Coin/Token the underlying crypto, powering the product. Learn more.
  3. Step 3 : Make the Source code of the product FREE. So, any aspiring entrepreneur can pick it up and start an online business instantly.
  4. Step 4 : Write a detailed Installation document ie. Step-by-step instructions for anyone to setup the software easily and go Live quickly.

This will enable wanna-be Entrepreneurs (searching for Blockchain Business ideas), to kick start instantly with your ready-made script.

ICO Marketing Strategy

Out of all the people downloading your Turn-key software,

40% of them will raise an investment showing the MVP to professional investors

30% will RUN the show with their own money.

20% will add more cofounders. Pool in funds. Run the show

10% will fail.

As each entrepreneur aggressively promotes his business and signup customers > Your coin will sell ( as it powers the entire business model ).  Like this one

Its a WIN-WIN. Entrepreneurs win. You win.
A community of people will start discussing about your coin on crypto investment forums. You make your MONEY.


Now. Here is how we can help you.

  1. We will strategise with you on what product needs to developed ( using your coin ).
  2. We will also develop it for you ( we have a team of 100+ Expert Blockchain developers )
  3. Finally. We have this page, that gets 7000+ visitors everyday (People who want to start a Blockchain business). We will list your Turn-key script there and distribute it. You will be amazed to see, how many entrepreneurs from different countries start a business using your script. With your ICO coin powering it!

What is in it for us? Ask us at: [email protected]

Important:This is not just an idea said. We have already tested it HERE.
Result: It has been downloaded 15,000 times in the past 3 months.
So as all these (When People land on this page, they are like a kid in a candy shop)

Disclaimer: We will list only 1 product in a particular business model. So...

ICO Marketing Strategy

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Did you know? Since 2014. Google STOPPED displaying ADSENSE Ads on websites , for the keyword: 'SUPER BOWL' on the day of the match ( This keyword gets 100 million searches during the game day )

Well, it happened because we tested a formula during an experiment On those keywords. We found a loop hole in the system , that when applied creates $700K in 4 hours from Adsense.

Then, We tested this idea in the On-Demand Trend ( Uber, Airbnb, Grubhub etc. ) . It fizzed off , out of control creating around 55 companies doing Clone scripts. 5 of the companies make near 5 million USD per month ) . Others make on average $600K per month.

We are a bunch of hard core coders turned Growth Hackers. We consult for a variety of companies on their ICO Marketing strategy. We deliver.

So, believe me. Try this formula for your ICO and you won’t regret :)

Feel like asking some questions? This is my Skype I’d: [email protected]

Growth Hack Consultants for:

ICO Marketing Strategy


Why dont you believe in the normal ICO Marketing services?

Every other day an ICO or STO launches. Investors are bombarded with marketing Spam ( thanks to the ICO marketing agencies ). We believe that You can no longer expect buyers, by just blindly marketing. You need a strategy to seamlessly push your coins to buyers. You need to growth hack your way into introducing your coins in their everyday life. In short, You need others to Sell your ICO for You.

Why do so many people want to start a Blockchain business?

The simple answer is: Everyone wants to make money quickly. And Blockchain is the hottest trend. Everyday, something new is introduced or happens in the world of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. People envision and believe that any business started in the Blockchain space has high growth potential. And its true.

Why would they download the Free Software I provide?

3 things:
- Quality Blockchain developers are very costly. Not much available. The demand is growing beyond imagination.
- Entrepreneurs have limited Time and Money. They want to hit the road running. They need a MVP to start.
- The Turn-key software you provide with documentation, is a boon come true for them. They will gladly use it to set up their Blockchain business.

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