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Want to add an ERC20 Token to your application? Using this Ready-made Add-on, you can instantly add any ERC20 token to your project effortlessly. Comes with a detailed API layer, libraries and Admin Panel.
ERC20 token
Plug & Play
This Add-on is Cross-Technology compatible. Your application / Exchange can run on any technology ( Php, Node, dotNet etc. ). This incredible Add-on will work as a charm to on-board any ERC20 token to your application. Powered by well structured JSON RPC layer.
Fully Customizable
You get 100% source code. You get an installation manual. This incredible ERC20 integration Add-on is built on a easy to customise architecture.
Powerful Admin Panel
A secure and detailed Admin Panel for you to add any number of ERC20 tokens instantly by just keying in a couple of token details. You can onboard even a 1000 tokens in a day effortlessly.view screenshots
Installation document
Via. this Add-on, We have reduced 90% of your work in integrating an ERC20 token into your innovative Application or Exchange. To make the remaining 10% easy, this Add-on comes with a detailed documentation that explains the integration of a token using the Add-on.

Questions? Shoot a mail to: [email protected]

ERC20 Integration Add-on details

Version 1.2
Date Created 10/06/2018
Last Updated 21/06/2018
Node JS Version 8.9.1
MongoDB Version 3.6
HTML Version 5
Bootstrap Version 4.0.0.alpha2
Layout Fixed, Fluid, Responsive
Compitability All Major Browsers
ERC40 token ERC20 token ERC40 token

Simple. The difficult parts in integrating an ERC20 token to any application / Exchange are: In-Sufficient libraries for all technologies, The installation of the Ethereum Node, The deployment of the respective contracts ( that differ from token to token ), the seamless communication between the node and the application for the respective contracts for the respective commands.

We have solved all the above by creating an Add-on that is written on NodeJS. All you need to do is

Step 1: Install this fantastic Add-on on a separate instance ( using our user friendly Step-by-Step installation manual )
Step 2: Install the Ethereum Node. ( using our crystal clear step-by-step instructions )
Step 3: Connect the Add-on to the ETH Node using the robust API’s provided ( and instructions provided )
Step 4: Get the Admin Panel up & running ( using the simple step-by-step instructions ).
Step 5: Add the required ERC20 tokens via. the Admin Panel ( by keying in a couple of information about the token in the Admin Panel directly ). The Admin Panel behind the scenes automatically processes the information and deploys the respective contracts.
Step 6: Just supply the respective commands from your application or Exchange to the Add-on via. the Jason RPC instructions provided ( Ex: Send coins, Receive coins etc. ). Your application or Exchange can be in any technology. All you need to do is supply data to the Add-on and consume data from the Add-on via. Jason RPC

Simple! …. In the same manner you can add ay number of ERC20 tokens.

Can adding ERC20 tokens get any more easy? :)

Seamlessly Integrate un-limited ERC20 Tokens - in your Exchange / Application
ERC Admin Panel
Comes with a Secure and Powerful Admin Panel to manage the entire ERC20 integration module end-to-end.View screenshots
Installation manual
This ERC20 integration Add-on is well documented and supported, you're never going to be stuck.
100% Source Code
You get 100% un-encrypted source code, to customize at your will. Add/ Edit any feature easily.
Jason RPC Layer
Comes with a robust and secure JASON layer. You can use this layer to integrate this ERC20 add-on module with any Exchange or App built on any technology.
ERC40 token
The Cave You Fear to Enter, Holds the Treasure You Seek.
Integrate un-limited number of ERC20 tokens to your App.Enable your users to transact them seamlessly.
ERC20 token
Plug & Play
Your application / Exchange can run on any technology ( Php, Node, dotNet etc. ). This incredible Add-on will work perfectly to on-board any ERC20 token to your application.
Supported Browsers
ERC40 token
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