Getting Started with the TokenDash Installation Wizard

All the resources needed for you to install the TokenDash script easily.
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Getting Started with the TokenDash Installation Wizard

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To start, please download the entire script HERE

Installing TokenDash has never been this easier. We've built an installation wizard that will help you install the ICO dashboard script seamlessly.

  • Getting the Files for installation of the TokenDash script
  • Preparing for the installation of the script
  • Choosing a Host
  • Readying the server
  • Uploading the files to the server
  • ERC - 20 Addon Installation
  • Finishing the setup
Getting the Files for Installation of the TokenDash script

Step 1: If you have not downloaded the script yet, You will have to download the TokenDash Script from the link provided below.

Download Now

Step 2: Once you have downloaded the package, please verify if the file is completely downloaded.

Step 3: You will choose a compatible server that meets the minimum requirement to upload the source code.

Minimum Requirements: RAM: 2 GB CPU: 1 vCPU Storage: 50 GB

Choose from Digital Ocean, Amazon AWS, Godaddy or any other host which allow SSH root Access.

Step 4: Set up the environment and dependencies

Learn to set up the dependencies on Digital Ocean here
Learn to set up the dependencies on Amazon AWS here

Step 5: Uploading the files to the server
Upload the files to the server through an FTP client like FileZilla.
Note: Learn how to upload the files to the server using the FileZilla FTP client here

Step 6: Verify the domain is configured with the virtual host
Note: Learn how to configure the virtual host to point to the root domain of the installation here

Step 7: Run the installer from the browser.
Once you have configured the environment successfully, pointed the virtual host to the domain directly, you can open the browser and visit the domain the installation wizard will open.


Step 8: Installing the ERC-20 Addon Module
Learn how to install the ERC-20 Addon module here
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