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Hi Loren :)

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This is your Installation Assistance Service thread.

Please read before proceeding:

- The scope of the 'Installation Assistance Service' is limited only to assist you with your installation.
- It is assumed that you have read this installation document once: http://support.bitexchange.systems/supp ... stallation
- The Agent will only help you in implementing the steps mentioned in the above document.
- The Agent will only help you via. chat inside this forum.
- Please dont except the agent to share your screen and do the installation.

Very Important: You CANNOT run a LIVE exchange using this script. The entire scope of this installation help is to only help you understand the 'Opensource Exchange Script' you have downloaded for free. Via. this activity you get to know the software & how to install it. It also helps us in proving to you that there is NO malicious code of any sort present inside( we also urge you to get it audited by your developers if required ). We are not experts in security, as its totally a different expertise and skillset. The entire scope of this service is to make you learn the script. It is 100% only for educational purpose. It is only meant to LEARN how to code and setup an exchange.

During or After the installation, if you would like to talk to us, please feel free to contact us in our FB messenger page HERE or please send us an email at: [email protected]
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