How to install the Decentralized Video sharing platform script?

How do I install DexTube decentralized video sharing platform script?
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How to install the Decentralized Video sharing platform script?

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How to Install DTube - Steem Blockchain Based Video channel on Ubuntu 16.04

Step 1:

Install Apache

Our first step is to install Apache. Type the following commands in the terminal:

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sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install apache2
You will be prompted with a (Y/n). Type y and press Enter.

You can do a spot check right away to verify that everything went as planned by visiting your server's public IP address in your web browser.


You will see the default Ubuntu 16.04 Apache web page, which is there for informational and testing purposes. It should look something like this:
You have now installed Apache web server successfully.
Step 2:

Install Meteor

• Linux and Mac: curl | sh
• Windows: link
Step 3:

Change to html directory

cd /var/www/html/

Give full permissions to html folder

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sudo chmod -R 777 .
Step 4:

Clone DTube repository from GitHub with the below command:

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git clone
Step 5:

Type ls to check If the files have been cloned from GitHub successfully.
dtub4.png (16.58 KiB) Viewed 3510 times
You should see dtube file in your server.

Step 6:

Install screen - to run process in background

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sudo apt-get install screen
Step 7:

Change directory to tube

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cd /var/www/html/dtube/ 
Step 8:

Install all dependencies coming from npm including the ones required for development.

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meteor npm install
Step 9:
Starting the app from screen

First open screen with name “dtube”

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screen -S dtube
Now type meteor to start the app


• -p 3456 for running on a different port than the default 3000.
• --production will minify and merge the javascript and css files.

Meteor will automatically push any change on the code to the browser while you keep the meteor dev server running.

Step 10:

Detaching the screen and running the app in background:
Ctrl A + Ctrl D

Next Step - Continue with Installing IPFS - Uploader for Dtube on Ubuntu 16.04 steps

Step 11:
To enable uploading files from localhost, Do the following:

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cd /var/www/html/dtube/client/
sudo nano settings.js 
Change localhost value from false to true
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