How to upload the ICO DASHBOARD SCRIPT android app on the Google play store?

Installation Guide for the ICO DASH - A full fledged system for running your ICO
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How to upload the ICO DASHBOARD SCRIPT android app on the Google play store?

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If you haven't purchased a Webfaction server ( get it here ) or Digital Ocean server ( get it here )

See the Latest Demo Here View latest Demo and Get the latest TokenDash here: BUY ICO Dashboard script

Now that you have setup your ICO DASHBOARD SCRIPT (see how here), Configured all the end points on the android source code (see how here) to your own domain and signed the APK (see how here)

Lets see how you can upload the application on the Google play store easily.

To upload your application on Google Play Store you require:

1. An already created signed ‘.apk’ file of the project that you want to upload on Google Play Store.
2. Credit/Debit card to pay for Google Developer license.
3. Screenshots and/or videos of your application on your computer (At least two Screenshots are compulsory).

Now Upload your Signed apk on Play Store:

Step 1: Login to your Gmail Account and visit this link :

Step 2: Create a Merchant Account

Note : It will charge you a lifetime fee of $25. Once you have paid let's start uploading your first app.

Step 3: Now go to developer console - Google Play.

Step 4: Go to "All Applications" and on the right corner click on "Add new application".

Step 5: Write the title you want to give.

Step 6: Now click on "Upload the apk" and browse your apk and select it.

Step 7: Now fill everything on the "Store listing".

Step 8: Now you can go to "Price and Distribution". Here you can decide whether your app is paid or free.
Once you will make your app free you can't change it to paid.

Step 9: Find the ratings section add the appropriate rating for the app.

When these steps are completed you can publish your app by clicking on the "publish my app" on the top right corner of the page.
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