FAQs of the Android app.

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FAQs of the Android app.

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Note: This post speaks only about the Android App built for the BitWallet (Node JS) script. Not the Exchange Script.
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Re: FAQs of the Android app.

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This is the full flow of the of the "Bit Wallet" app.

1. This is the login Screen.

2. This is the main screen after login. In this screen a user's fiat balance and crypto balance is shown.
You can change the crypto coin by tapping on the top right icon where the bitcoin image is there.

3. Click on buy button to buy a selected crypto currency.

4. In Buy screen you have to enter amount less than or equal to your fiat balance. You have to enter fiat amount to buy a currency and you will get a equivalent amount of that crypto currency.

5. Then after entering your amount you have to press "place buy order".

6. For selling your selected crypto currency tap on the sell button.

7. In the screen, you have to enter amount and place your order.

8. For receive address you have to tap on receive button. For generating QR code just tap on the QR button and you will get the QR code in 2 to 3 seconds.

9. To send crypto just tap on send and in the screen you have to enter amount and address of other persons address of the same crypto currency.

10. To deposit you have to tap on deposit button. In the screen you have to select payment gateway. For now we have only credit card payment gateway. So tap on that.

11. In the screen you have to enter amount how much amount you want to deposit and tap on the next button.

12. In the next Screen it will ask for card number. If you wil enter the correct credit card number it will be black only and move to expiry month else the card number will become red. Enter the CVV code you and tap on deposit.

13. To withdraw your money tap on withdraw. In the screen enter the amount you want to withdraw and tap on withdraw.

14. To check your transaction history you can tap on history button. There are 3 type of transactions in total.
Fiat(deposit or withdrawl), Crypto(Send or receive) and Trade(Buy or sell).
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