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You can now run your exchange on the BINANCE cloud.

using BINANCE’s infrastructure. using BINANCE’s liquidity.
using BINANCE’s expertise. using BINANCE’s security

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Important: Read the following information before you APPLY!

We all know Binance is the worlds top cryptocurrency exchange. As soon as BINANCE announced this amazing offer, it has been bombarded with thousands of applications. Insider news says that 90% of the applications have been REJECTED.
For Your Information: If your application is rejected once, you cannot re-apply!

So, you have one chance to apply. You would need to give your best shot.

Why is there a 90% REJECTION rate?

BINANCE does a detailed due-deligence on your application. The first set of information you provide is very important. You cannot go back and change. You need to have certain keywords that make your application look eligible.

We can help!

We can help you submit your application ( on behalf of you ). Infact we will supply you the information to provide and you will submit it.

Why us?

We have experts who have been in the Crypto space for the past 5+ years. We have setup exchanges for many entrepreneurs globally. We know exactly what happens behind the scenes. We know what it takes to run an exchange. We know what BINANCE will expect to partner with you.

Can we start your application process?

  • Our consultation fees for this is just $99 ( one time fee ). You can make your payment HERE.
    ( Note: We take up only 15 applications per month. Its on first come - first serve basis )
  • Once the payment is made, please shoot a mail to: [email protected]
  • We will start from there.

Advantages of Binance Cloud


Your exchange shares Binance’s liquidity.

As the world’s leading digital asset exchange by real trading volume, Binance’s orders account for >50% market volume on the majority of listings.


<3>Your exchange is protected by Binance

Binance’s cutting-edge security and risk management ensures your users’ funds are safe.


Your exchange runs smoothly when it matters most.

Binance’s matching engines stand up to stress even at peak trading times.


Your exchange, your style, your tokens!

Independent operation with self-service for coin listing and content management

Factors you should consider before you set up an Exchange on Binance Cloud.

Some of the things that you should really know before you choose to set up an exchange on Binance Cloud.


The exchange software is the one that powers Binance. The version is stripped down and has some basic features only. Customers can do Spot & P2P trading. To add more features you will have to pay for customization.


Binance currently charges an annual fee + trading fee revenue split and this is just for setting up the basic exchange. Binance may charge for other features in the future.


Security is a highlight feature of Binance and its something that the exchange has invested millions of dollars and your exchange would inherit all of the security measures.


Binance's exchange works smoothly even with heavy surge in traffic thanks to their solid infrastructure, your exchange software will also take advantage of the same infrastructure.


You can change the color, logo, content and add/remove coins that are supported by Binance.

Why should you set up an exchange on Binance?

Binance itself is one of the largest and respected cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It's trading volume and liquidity is unmatched.


What is Binance Cloud?

Binance Cloud is an all-in-one solution for partners to launch digital asset exchanges quickly. Leveraging Binance’s technology, security and liquidity, Binance Cloud provides the exchange infrastructure while enabling partners to focus on business development and operations.

What are the benefits of using Binance Cloud?

Binance Cloud means you can focus on your business and operations while letting Binance take care of all the technology and security. With Binance Cloud, you can efficiently set up a digital currency trading platform including: spot and P2P trading markets; dashboard management; financial systems; autonomous listing of new coins; depth sharing with the Binance.com exchange; global multilingual support; Binance Cloud brand value; promotional events support; ecosystem collaboration opportunities, and more.

What is the collaboration process for Binance Cloud?

Submit application – communicate your requirements – sign the agreement – prepare for launch! Binance Cloud will provide support across technology, operations, customer service, and personnel training throughout the process.

What is the fee model of Binance Cloud?

The current fee model is a combination of an annual fee and a trading fee commission revenue split.

What kind of businesses does Binance Cloud currently support?

Currently, we support spot trading, including crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto, as well as P2P fiat trading. Futures trading will be opened soon.

Does Binance Cloud provide liquidity and depth services?

Partners can share trading liquidity and depth with the Binance.com exchange, including spot and P2P markets. Orders from all partner platforms will be matched in one order book with Binance Exchange.

Does Binance Cloud support autonomous listing?

Partners can independently list most tokens that have been listed on Binance Exchange. For the tokens that are not listed on Binance Exchange, partners need to submit details to Binance Cloud for review. Tokens may be listed after approval.

How long does it take from application to launching an exchange?

After the collaboration agreement is reached and the information submitted is verified, Binance Cloud platform technicians will do configurations. In general, a Binance Cloud exchange can be launched in as little as 3-5 days.

What information is required for launch?

Partners need to prepare a regulated business entity, the name of the exchange, logo, domain, SSL security certificates that conform to Nginx type servers, administrator email addresses, and other materials that will need to be displayed on the exchange, among other requirements. Partners should also demonstrate their business capabilities in areas such as user acquisition, operations, and compliance.

Are there any requirements for compliance?

Yes, we require our partners to be fully compliant wherever they operate.

Does Binance Cloud support a mobile version?

Yes, mobile support is included. We typically deploy web versions first, then followed by mobile-friendly web/app versions.

How does Binance Cloud manage users’ assets?

Binance Cloud provides custody service for partners. Users' assets from different partner exchanges will be completely separated for risk control. Even our partners will not be able to “dip into” users’ assets.

Can partners customize their exchanges?

Partners can customize their exchanges’ banners, slogan, logo and theme colors. Further customization demands may be discussed with the Binance Cloud team.

How can partners organize promotional campaigns?

Once the exchange is launched, partners can start promotional activities such as transaction fee discounts, airdrops, etc. Partners may communicate campaign details and data requirements with Binance Cloud for better feedback.

Can partners organize transaction fee discount promotions?

Sure. Partners need to send the discount range and promotion duration to Binance Cloud operation staff for review. The Binance Cloud team will offer full support given that the promotion is beneficial for platform operation and consistent with our transaction fee rules.

How will fee income be settled?

Binance Cloud will transfer the fee income to partners’ operating account every day according to the agreed proportion. Partners can check their fee income settlement details in the Financial Management System.

How can partners access the user trading records and other data?

Log into the Binance Cloud dashboard management system and then enter the customer information management. Partners can access asset information, trading records, order records, OTC records, etc. of specific users by searching UID or username.

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